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Marital Assets and Liabilities

In the State of Florida, the marital or non-marital nature of assets and liabilities must be determined in the divorce process. Florida law requires the equitable (not to be miss-construed as equal) division of marital assets and liabilities with the ultimate goal of being fair to both parties but also ensuring that the support needs [...]

Tips for parallel parenting

Co-parenting, although ideal, can be very difficult to maintain during such an emotionally charged time. Emotions can still run high even after a divorce is final so using a parallel parenting plan can help each party keep their feelings in check and not project them onto their children. Listed are a few guidelines for both [...]

Benefits of co-parenting/parallel parenting

Co-parenting is one of the best ways to continue to raise your children after a divorce but it can also be the hardest because of how closely you would have to work with your ex. Experts agree that if parents are able to co-parent effectively, there are several benefits for their child(ren): They will have [...]

What is co-parenting? How does it different from parallel parenting?

Co-parenting is when both parents have joint and physical custody. With co-parenting, both parents maintain equal rights and responsibility and must communicate regularly to arrange pick ups/drop offs, child care, school events, etc... Parallel parenting is a method of co-parenting but when there is still animosity between the parents and regular communication is not possible. [...]

What is the difference between joint custody and physical custody?

Joint custody means that both parents share legal custody of their child(ren). Physical custody means that the child(ren) lives primarily with one parent while the other parent has “visitation”. It is common for both parents to have joint custody while one parent has physical custody.

Why a prenup may be right for you

Although a prenup may be a difficult subject to address, it is an important aspect of marriage that should be considered before tying the knot. Research has shown that nearly half of all marriages will end in divorce and one of the leading causes is finances. In order for marriages to last, couples need to [...]

7 Helpful tips to prepare for a divorce

Whether a divorce is where your marriage has been heading for awhile or you were surprised by your partner's request for a divorce, it's important to try to set aside your emotions.  Instead, try to apply these tips in preparation for the journey in front of you.  Get organized. Gather up all the paperwork for [...]

Planning your estate around your blended family

In today's day and age, a large amount of families consist of a stepparent, stepchildren, and/or half-siblings, commonly referred to as a blended family. Proper estate planning becomes especially important if you are a part of a blended family in order to ensure that all of your estate is distributed as you desire. Under Florida's [...]

What to do when a loved one passes away

Whether it was your spouse or a parent or someone else close to you, mourning the loss of a loved one is a difficult time for anyone. Having to settle the financial and legal issue amidst your time of mourning can add to the stress you are already weighed down with. It is important to [...]

Making a Complete Estate Plan

When most people think of estate planning, they think “wills”. However, this is a major misconception. There is much more to estate planning than just a will. There are five components of a complete estate plan that will cover all areas of your life and death as well as protect your assets upon passing. 1. [...]