Co-parenting is one of the best ways to continue to raise your children after a divorce but it can also be the hardest because of how closely you would have to work with your ex. Experts agree that if parents are able to co-parent effectively, there are several benefits for their child(ren):

  • They will have improved communication skills. Leading by example, parents can show children how to effectively communicate, no matter the circumstance.
  • They will feel a greater sense of security. Through co-parenting or parallel parenting, children are able to maintain a close bond with both of their parents which can lead to feeling more secure in their home life and have increased self esteem.
  • They will most likely have fewer trust issues and better interpersonal relationships by watching their parents as they grow up maintain a level of respect and continued communication and cooperation during a time of conflict.
  • Improved problem solving skills can also be the result of being raised by co-parenting.

Source: Divorce Magazine, “What is the difference between co-parenting and parallel parenting?”, accessed Dec 4, 2016