Medicare Planning

Medicare is a federal health insurance entitlement program. In most cases, it is available to all American citizens age 65 and older. There are no financial qualifications needed for Medicare, just the age requirement. Medicare is available in two primary parts: Part A and Part B.
• Medicare Part A covers most in-hospital services along with extended, post-hospital care and hospice. However, Medicare Part A coverage is very stringent in regard to nursing home care. Medicare accounts for just 9% of nursing home coverage in the U.S.
• Medicare Part B covers outpatient expenses, like routine doctor visits, preventative care, and diagnostic care like x-rays or bloodwork.
Pharmaceutical coverage is not included in either Part A or B. Seniors may receive a prescription at a covered doctor visit; however, a separate insurance coverage is needed for the filling of the prescription. There are many options available for prescription coverage, within and outside of the Medicare program. 

Understanding the “ins and outs” of Medicare—like what is covered and how much to expect out of pocket—can seem confusing, daunting, and complicated. Medicare Planning is one of the major practice areas of our firm. We gladly assist seniors and their families in understanding Medicare coverage and planning a senior’s estate and assets appropriately to maximize Medicare coverage and help gain eligibility.


Medicaid is offered through a joint state and federal program. Medicaid is subject to overarching federal regulations, but each state may adopt its own set of regulations that dictate how coverage is provided. Unlike Medicare, Medicaid is not an entitlement program granted to all Americans when a certain age is met, but rather, it is a form of welfare with its own set of qualifying regulations.

Medicaid applicants must submit an application to their state for coverage approval. There are several Medicaid programs available, from basic medical coverage to nursing home coverage—which is why Medicaid may be discussed during estate or senior care planning.

There are several resources available to find out more information on Medicaid:

• The Florida Department of Children and Families website has information on long-term care through Medicaid on their website.
• Florida Department of Elder Affairs provides Medicaid information for seniors and caregivers.
• Our firm also assists seniors and their families in the exploration of Medicaid eligibility options alongside Medicare Planning.
Medicaid Planning FAQs

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