Senior Housing

Moving a loved one to senior housing facility may not be the easiest topic to address but may be necessary for some families. Usually, a move to a senior housing facility is prompted by the death of the senior’s spouse, an accident, or a poor health diagnosis. Apart from the emotional toll, finding suitable housing may prove difficult as well.


Here are some steps that might make the transition a little easier on families considering long-term senior housing:


  • Plan Ahead. Do not wait for a health crisis to prompt you to start planning for long-term care and senior living arrangements.
  • Understand the Situation. Moving into a senior facility or moving into an adult child’s home can be a major change for a senior, one that often implies a change in health or circumstances that may be difficult to come to terms with. Be sure to review the situation and all aspects of the change and need for change with your senior loved one.
  • Take a Step-By-Step Approach. Selecting suitable senior housing can often take over a year. Devise a step-by-step transition plan. Make sure to review all standing health and financial records and be sure to consider living expenses and associated costs.
  • Explore housing options. Decide whether staying at home or if moving in with you or a nursing home/senior community is a better option. If living at a new facility is the best option for your loved one, then start researching and touring which facilities can provide the best and most affordable ongoing care.

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